"Suo Sarumawashi" will be published by Glitterati this fall. www.glitteratiincorporated.com
The Day the Dam Collapses
From Daylight - Text by Kirsten Rian. The latest body of work from California-based Japanese photographer Hiroshi Watanabe (born 1951), The Day the Dam Collapses consists (unusually for this artist) of digital pictures taken over the past five years (since his son was born). Ranging from seemingly ordinary details of quotidian life to poetic visual metaphors, the The Day the Dam Collapses paints the cycles of life as fleeting, fragile and devastatingly ephemeral. In his introduction to the book, Watanabe writes: "the truth is, we are all living like the characters in a disaster movie. We know we may someday face a disaster or a terrible event, but we keep living calmly as we do not know what and when that might occur. But a disaster will surely come to us. And the largest disaster must be our death that we all have to face sometime in the future." Despite these looming intimations of mortality, Watanabe persists in recording and sharing a life fully felt. https://daylightbooks.org/store/hiroshi-watanabe-day-dam-collapses
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"ARTIFACTS: "Things" from Japanese Internment Camps" produced by Hibiku,Inc., Japan as iPad app photo book is available now on iTunes:


"99 Findings" is a new iPad app that expands on my earlier Photolucida book "Findings". It includes video clip of an interview by Douglas Stockdale and video showing my working method in darkroom. Nowavailable on iTunes:


Ten Years On - A Collection of Songs in Remembrance of September 11th 2001

For the landmark 10th Anniversary of September 11th 2001, Welsh recording artist Jem has compiled an album of moving reflective songs by a group of respected and acclaimed artists who have come together to raise awareness and funds for the 9/11 Memorial and create something special for the victims families. The album consists of 19 touching songs and is a digital worldwide release available on iTunes, AmazonMP3 and www.tenyearsonalbum.com from September 1st 2011. 100 percent of profits go to the 9/11 Memorial. Artists involved include Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Alanis Morissette, Dido, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, John Lennon, Jem, Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder, Cindy Lauper, Sarah McLachlan, Tori Amos, Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic, among others.

"Love Point" ONE PICTURE BOOK #66, published by Nazraeli Press --- ISBN: 978-1-59005-302-7, Hardcover, 5 1/2 x 7 1/4, 16 pages, 7 duotone plates, 1 original print.

Also available from Photo-eye.

"Love Point" published by Toseisha, Japan ISBN978-4-88773-103-5
"On first viewing of Hiroshi Watanabe’s Love Point, I find his studio portraits to be beautiful and aesthetically wonderful with a mysterious charm, but the underlying subject is a little more socially probing than I find in his earlier works."

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The PhotoBook by Douglas Stockdale
"Suo Sarumawashi" photo-eye Editions

This limited edition portfolio is comprised of twelve pigment ink prints chosen from my series of macaque monkey portraits made in 2008 and includes text and an official introduction from the Suo Sarumawashi Association. Limited to fifty copies along with three artist proofs, each is contained in an elegant anodized aluminum box. The pigment ink prints are made on 11x14 inch Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta

"Ideology in Paradise" published by Mado-sha, Japan ISBN978-4-89625-091-6
"In fact, the experience of looking at Hiroshi Watanabe’s images is eerily like stepping into a Social Realist painting: the ruddy-cheeked young girl playing the accordion, the traditional gowns in brilliant pinks and greens of dancers swirling beneath the omnipresent image of the dear leader and the DPRK flag. One is quietly lulled into the sense that life in North Korea might, in fact, be just as it appears within the frames of these images—normal—instead of like the stories of kidnappings, military posturing, and famine. To Watanabe, it is this sense of tension between the news stories flooding the media in both Japan and in the U.S. and his experiences traveling and photographing—under careful surveillance of his two guides and assigned driver—that interests him in this topic. The results, engaging, yet still mysterious, bring us one side of this closed-off place, introducing us to a vibrant, compelling set of individuals, but still leave us to wonder."
Lesley A. Martin, Aperture Book Program


"Ideology in Paradise" has received First Prize of Center's 2008 Project Competition. Please click the Center Logo for announcement and more.
"Ideology in Paradise" was chosen as Aperture Portfolio Pick in the summer 2006 review. Please click the Aperture Logo for more.
As a result of Critical Mass Book Award of 2005, Photolucida has published a hardbound monograph, "FINDINGS".
"These are honest and direct pictures; they bear a heavy silence, and are uncomplicated, singular ideas. These words invite a closer look uncompromised by time. They suggest a meditation that can bring to the surface what could otherwise have remained hidden - that opening in the sky beyond the child and his maze, and what it can mean."
Anthony Bannon, George Eastman House Director
"I See Angels Every Day"
"This Watanabe's collection of photographs is not only to look at but also it is a book that you are looked at by the book. I would definitely give him my moral support." ---- Eikoh Hosoe
"Seeing Ourselves:
Masterpieces of American Photography from George Eastman House Collection"
- "Vietnam War Memorial, Washington DC" is included in the new traveling exhibition of George Eastman House and the exhibition is scheduled through 2010. View DetailsView PDF
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